At Sinfonic, our ambition is to build a sustainable business that enables our customers, our employees, our partners, the communities around us and the environment to thrive.


Our activities have a daily impact on our staff, on the planet and on the prosperity of many economic players. Sinfonic is committed to protecting and preserving the environment in all circumstances as this is no longer a choice but an obligation.

This commitment at project level translates through the following actions :

Materials & Resources

Water Efficiency

Sustainable Sites

Indoor Environmental Quality

Energy & Atmosphere

Innovation & Design

We appreciate that delivering a sustainable space starts with the concept and design and can be enhanced in the delivery through construction, proposing environmental solutions best suited to the project, and meeting the existing building constraints.

We support our clients in all the environmental procedures and certifications towards which they wish to strive. We adapt the design accordingly and our site monitoring ensures that these essential labels are achieved for the future life of the buildings we work on.

We owe it to ourselves to aim for tomorrow’s green transition!