What we do


We believe design lies in the heart of the project therefore we provide a conscious design process for an assured delivery. The combination of creativity and practical thinking offers something new to the construction sector.

Our design team, led by our design development engineers, are able to overcome any undefined or challenging detail. We are capable of developing schematic design drawings conceived by famous design architects, turning them into a “buildable” set while keeping the architectural aspirations.


At Sinfonic, design management is a vital component in achieving a successful project outcome. It enables the client’s requirements to be fulfilled, and ensures the design is clearly translated into construction in a timely manner.


Depending on the size, the specification and complexity of your project, we offer architectural designs and design strategies working across an inhouse multidisciplinary platform of architects, designers and technical engineers, with an international background.


A critical phase to reach success is the “Analyse” phase. This involves conducting interviews, audits, workshops, etc. adapted according to the specification of the project. We then propose an architectural concept, associated to programs, sketches, moodboards associated to a planning.


Mindful of the world around us, we adapt the design of our projects with a genuine sustainable approach.


One of the fundamental differences is our approach in offering workplace solutions. Combined with extensive knowledge of buildability, we offer :

_ General Contractor
_ Turn key solution


Our approach is to manage the works from inception to completion. We involve the project manager from the start to liaise with all stakeholders and our pool of subcontractors in order to manage the client’s expectations and mitigate whereever necessary.


Sinfonic builds and develops schemes, regardless of a project’s size and scope, in partnership with our supply chain to deliver quality project and eliminate complexity. We believe in the power of collaboration. We provide a lean , global management team to ensure a consistent cost effective and programme service on delivery.

Single point of contact

The project manager will accompany you through the project from start to finish.

Dedicated team

100% mobilized for the project

One contract

Secure cost, programme and quality


We provide an integrated turnkey solution to our clients, delivering high quality, flexible real estate ready for immediate use.

With our approach, we consult, design and deliver in innovative ways. We take the time to understand what drives our client’s business, our turnkey solution facilitates a dialogue between the client and the design, the commercial and the construction teams throughout a project life cycle.


Sinfonic delivers the full spectrum of project management services. From the first stages of preliminary briefing, investigation of feasibility and advice, to the later stages of design management, all the way to procurement, construction and occupation. We provide clients with a single point of contact securing early cost and programme certainty and best value overall.


This solutions allies simplicity and maximum guarantee.

Overall Project Management
Anticipating Construction Process
 Improved Risk Mitigation


We help clients identify and prioritise their needs and plan for successful delivery. We provide coordinated advice on design, programme, cost, procurement and buildability.

This phase is key to define clearly the scope of the project and work with the client team on possible scenarios and value engineering when praticality of the design is cross-examined. Once having a better grasp of projetc specifics, a budget and a program scheme is secured and submitted to the client to enable construction to start.


Through the analysis of your key drivers, we provide constant clarity of time and cost for your project.


With our global network, we have the ability to deliver to our international clients all our offers.


Turning well-established domestic brands into an international success takes the right team.


Wherever you come from one of the five continents looking to take your business to France ,the process can be time consuming. Sinfonic is committed to accompanying you through the process.


From choosing the appropriate location for your next store or office to appointing local architects and contractors who understand the local legislation as well as your brand, with us, you’ll find a simpler solution. Our vast international reach combined with local expertise makes us the perfect partner to bring your international expansion plans to life.