About us


Sinfonic is an international fit-out construction company specialized in high end offices, hospitality, and retail projects with a presence in France since 1973.

We started out as the French office of ISG, an award-winning UK-based construction company, with a legacy of complex, high-quality projects and industry-leading health and safety.

To achieve this ambition, we make three promises to our customers:

Complete Confidence in delivery from start to finish

Constant Clarity over time and cost

Care and Commitment to their people and business

Everything we do ensures we deliver on these promises. We work in harmony with our customers, from start to finish.


The name Sinfonic expresses our ambition to work in concert with each other toward an outcome that is greater than the sum of it’s parts. It reflects our commitment to quality in all that we do. It demonstrates the importance we put on clear and meaningful communication. Most importantly, it captures our ambition to work in harmony with our clients and partners to achieve a masterful results.

We see ourselves as conductors, setting the pace. Our ambitions is to work in harmony with our clients and our partners.

Mikel Berrebi
Managing Director


Sinfonic, 3 shareholders

Since the 31 of March 2021, Mikel Berrebi, Mehdi Belarbi and Gregory Grausse have become the three shareholders of Sinfonic.

We are an independent business born of a desire to provide highly collaborative construction services to our clients. While we will retain the the incredible knowledge, experience and values-based culture we gained from ISG since 2014, we are on our own mission to make fit-out delivery a more valuable and enjoyable process from start to absolute completion.


Our multicultural approach in the management of our projects as well the experience earned in the numerous projects we delivered is applied to the benefit of the projects assigned to us by all our clients.


We believe our people make this new entity called Sinfonic an exceptional organization : it is for this reason that Sinfonic nurtures a bold, open, honest corporate culture that rewards the best ideas. Sinfonic is one of the most dynamic, challenging and exciting companies in the construction industry. Mikel, Mehdi, and Gregory make sure to employ people who share our values and constantly strive to create an unparalleled customer experience.


A values-driven team committed to your success.

We are a multicultural team with a global perspective and local expertise. As a result, we are skilled communicators with a reputation for high-quality reporting and open and honest interactions. With us, our customers know they’re getting the very best, most timely information, with no unwanted surprises.


It is our blended skillset that has underpinned our ability to engender true innovation and better outcomes for our clients.

Through our collaborative approach, we provide our clients with complete confidence in delivery, constant clarity over programme and cost, and care and commitment to their needs. As a result, we drive better delivery outcomes and build stronger relationships.


Our core values are the pillars of our business and drive our behaviors. They are deeply rooted in our activities: our employees share them and bring them to life on a daily basis.